A little more about me...

Actor. Musician. Storyteller.  

I'm a Welsh actor, recently graduated from Oxford School of Drama. Born and raised in Swansea, I'm a fluent Welsh speaker.


While training at Oxford, I took on a variety of roles from Shakespeare to Dylan Thomas. These include Mr. Webb in the American classic Our Town performed at The North Wall and directed by Alice Malin, and David in the brand new play Shudder by Jodi Gray, performed at the Soho Theatre and directed by Chelsea Walker. I'm also an accomplished guitarist, pianist and singer.


I was part of the team representing OSD in the Carlton Hobbs Award 2018, a Radio Drama Competition hosted by the BBC. 

Before reaching Oxford, I spent many years living in Liverpool studying Astrophysics, achieving a 2:1 MPhys in Astrophysics from the University of Liverpool. 

While there I was actively involved in the dramatic scene performing in a large variety of plays including The Importance of Being Ernest (Oscar Wilde), The Lover / The Dumb Waiter (Harold Pinter), Doctor Faustus (Marlowe), and The History Boys (Alan Bennett), 

at venues including The Unity Theatre, The Black-E, Speke Hall, and The Lowry (Manchester).

I've always been very physically active, and continue to keep fit today. 

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